Migration to Hugo / Relaunch

This week, I changed my server OS from Debian to CentOS 7.

Since I don’t appreciate having all those Ruby dependencies on my clients, I changed my static site generator to Hugo.

I intend to bring back most of my old posts in the next few days.

The Tale of the Three Little Monitors and the Evil Lenovo Dock

TL’DR: I tried to attach three monitors to Lenovo’s Ultra Dock. At least at the moment, that only works if one of the monitors is attached to the analog VGA port because the Intel Graphics Driver does not support nested MST. For the better half of a decade, my primary laptop has been a Thinkpad Edge 11. The dedicated ATI graphics unit was a major pain: using the open source drivers, the GPU idled around 60°-70° C (even using DPM) and constantly caused the fan to go bananas. [Read More]

Anatomy of Problem Solving (1)

TL’DR: Finding a solution to a problem is something we do countless times per day. Time to spend some thoughts on it. After writing my last post (RESTwars (2): Some thoughts on goals), I have been asked about the difference between goal and requirement. This is a very common question. But even though it can be quite easily answered on its own, I would like to take the opportunity to answer the question in its right context. [Read More]

RESTwars (2): Some Thoughts on Goals

TL’DR: Defining the goal is one of the most crucial tasks in a project. This is also true for creating a RESTwars client, even more so since RESTwars does not have a ranking- or score-system. We take a look at what a “Hierarchy of Objectives” is and think about strategies and tactics. Spoiler: Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the result. As I wrote some weeks ago, I intend to create a bot for RESTwars using as many optimization techniques as possible (and reasonable). [Read More]

Create a Simple Blog With Jekyll and Git

TL’DR: Dynamic blog publishing systems come with lots of security concerns. I implemented a simple setup using Jekyll, Git and Apache which relies on static sites and uses SSH for encryption. Here is how I did it. Why Using a Static Site Blog If you have your own root server and want to host a blog, there are dozens of solutions you can choose from - with Wordpress being one of the most (in-)famous. [Read More]

RESTwars (1): RESTwars using Operations Research

TL’DR: There is a new space game in the manner of the old browser games which offers a RESTful API for your bots to play. I intend to use all the optimization knowledge gained in my industrial engineering studies to build a bot and tell about it. Do you remember the old browser games? OGame? Cruel Wars? You start out with a planet which you farm for resources, build different buildings and starships, try to conquer more planets, and fight other players for their resources. [Read More]